Alter G



Sports Reaction Center makes the Alter G available to the public.


It is with great excitement that we announce the acquisition of the Alter G at Sports Reaction Center, the Physical Therapy Clinic for Active People. Because we cater to top athletes, Sports Reaction Center is pleased to announce that this NASA developed treadmill has several applications for unloaded running that are of interest to serious and competitive runners:


Save Those Knees: For runners who spend time each week generating mileage in the concrete jungle we live in, even an hour a week on the Alter G can reduce the pounding that the knees and other joints will take over the life of the runner.


Improve Form: Running at partial weight bearing and at higher speed leads to improved form. On the Alter G, you can reduce your weight to 20% of body weight and run both forwards up to 18 mph and backwards up to 10 mph. The treadmill also can accommodate grades up to 15%.


Maintain Fitness While Nursing an Injury: It is very difficult to maintain fitness while rehabbing an injury, especially in a short season with races coming up around the corner. On the Alter G, you can often find the combination of speed and weight and slope that will allow you to continue to train pain free while your injury recovers. this loaded training at partial weight bearing will facilitate a full recovery more quickly.


Overspeed Training: this is the only tool on the market that allows overspeed training in a safe environment. It is a great tool for the middle and longer distance athlete to build base mileage at high speeds.


Train Barefoot: Improve your form while running bare foot. The Alter G is designed to allow for barefoot running. What we have noticed is that biomechanics and form is immediately improved as the barefoot safely runs on the treadmill at various loads (weights).


marathon offer

Did you participate in the 2010 Seattle Marathon?

You're eligible for a complimentary session on the Alter G. Make an appointment to come in for a thirty minute session. Call the office or request an appointment with our online form.


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All American Runner Works On Her Speed

A nationally ranked All American track and cross country athlete is working on her speed and form and finds that 30 minutes on the Alter G allows her to do "a lot of mileage at higher than normal speed in a very short time". The increase in mileage with less pounding has allowed her to run further without injury. She has also been able to increase her turnover by being able to run at higher than normal speeds. She additionally notices that her biomechanics and form are immediately impacted and improved when running with bare feet.



If you would like to subscribe to our mailing list (we occasionally offer specials) click here.